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We are a group of modellers from Turkey and we offer painting solutions for players with little time to paint.


We specialize in Flames of War, Team Yankee,Bolt Action and Konflikt’ 47 miniature painting.  We offer commision painting solutions; just contact us with a list for us to provide a quote. We supply Battlefront Flames of War / Team Yankee, Warlord Games Bolt Action / Konflikt’ 47 and Plastic Soldier Company models so you save from shipping costs to send us the models to be painted.

As Paypal has ceased their operations in Turkey and we can not accept payments via Paypal or list our models on anymore.

We had been trying to get a solution which will be secure and fast for our customers. We are glad to inform you about our new online store which enables you to buy directly from us via your credit card with 256bit SSL security.

We hope to continue serving you with great painted models. Please let us know what you would like to see in the near future.

Please visit our store at :

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